Bright Beginnings is a Family Day Care scheme, which provides a welcoming and friendly environment for all children and their families. We have a specially selected team that consistes of Supervisors, Staff, Coordinators and Educators that are well trained and devoted in providing inclusive care for all children that are being cared for and their families. Each child will have a specifically designed program and cirriculam allocated at enhancing a childs development in all areas. Situated in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Bright Beginnings is where the future is looking brighter.


To provide quality childcare services and education in an enriching and stimulating learning envornement that facilitates the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development of a child.

All the children have the right to experience quality child care. Each child is an individual, with unique abilities and interests. All children should be treated equally, and each childs social and cultural background will be acknowledged and respected. Children learn through play, interests and meaningful interactions with others.

Each child’s family knows their child’s best, and child care proffessionals will work in partenship with families to ensure the best outcomes for children.

It is a requirement and a duty of care upon staff memebers and educators to uphold this pholosophy.

About US

Bright Beginnings Family Day Care Centre aims to provide outstanding care and innovative activities to children where learning is always enjoyable. We focus on the child’s mental, physical and emotional health; catering for diverse learning and developmental styles.

We believe there are five core values at the heart of quality Family Day Care:

  • 1. Nurturing home environment
  • 2. Recognising the child as an individual
  • 3. Enriched learning and education programs
  • 4. Social interactions in a family group setting
  • 5. Secure attachments with an educator of your choice

Our Centre is teamed with qualified proffessional coordinators and educators who are both well trained and experienced in working with children in all ages of all backgrounds. In order for all educators to deliver an effective service, we ensure all policies and procedures are met. We assist in preparing educators to become capable of delivering an effective service that caters for all children’s needs and abilites. An inclusion policy is in place for any educator that may need to plan for a child individually.


Educators are selected and registered to educate a maximum of 4 children between 0 - 5 years or 7 children under 12 years of age.

Children at BRIGHT BEGINNINGS FAMILY DAY CARE Think Happy and That’s How they Grow.


Bright Beginnings is a well-reputed and prestigious full family service daycare and learning centre. Our professional facilitators with specialized training and hands on working experience perform a key role in the growth of well-balanced members of the society.

Our Interactive learning based approach offers a hygienic and homely environment for your precious little angels. The professionally trained and qualified educators have the knowledge to identify every child’s source of happiness leaving the parents content.

Our friendly educators communicate in modulated voice, showing respect to the individual child, to encourage flexible and responsive behavior. They use positive discipline techniques, staying calm in crunch situations and celebrate success through observation and communication of the progress on a daily basis.

At Bright Beginnings, educators’ performance is evaluated regularly to provide childcare service of the highest standard.

Our Activities

Our welcoming centre management and staff ensure that all stakeholders including children feel happy and comfy. The spacious homes of educators provide a warm and loving atmosphere. Some activities that educators participate daily are:

  • Sensorial Work
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • General knowledge
  • Audio books with laptop facility.
  • Educational games.
  • Art and craft material & activities.
  • Facility to watch movies.
  • Story telling sessions.
  • Book reading

Our talented staff is experts in making sure your child gets a little bit of everything. We stimulate interest through various activities including learning time, play time, nap and snack times. We educate and nurture your child to develop their personality through exclusively designed activities, encouraging them to explore fun games.

Constructive activities offered At Bright Beginnings can be changed to meet the intellectual and social needs of every child to make their stay worthwhile.