Finding childcare can be difficult and time-consuming. Finding the best childcare for your child’s safety and security is the most important concern. The good news is that you can find a solution that fits your budget and schedule. Children’s Services provides a solid foundation for your children. The early years of your child’s life have an impact on his or her ability to learn and develop quickly. For your child’s well-being and healthy early development, these criteria alone make it vital to choose a reputable daycare centre. If you’re looking for someone you can trust to look after your child in Shepparton, you’ve come to the right spot. Our company provides one of the best children services in Shepparton. Not only is our staff qualified and accredited to provide child care, but we’re also a group of devoted individuals who enjoy providing outstanding care. From the moment you step in the door, you’ll see how much we care about your child.


Our children’s services differ depending on your needs. A daycare centre, for example, is not the same as a family daycare. When compared to traditional daycare, it is less expensive. We provide a home environment for your child in this service so that he or she feels at ease in a familiar setting. A mixed-age group is more likely to attract children, making it more fun and less like a school.

On the other hand, if you want your child to participate in educational programs, a pre-school may be the best option. To ensure that your child receives adequate attention, these classrooms maintain a certain teacher-to-child ratio. The schedules are similar to school hours, but certain programs run outside of regular operation hours, which can meet your different schedule requirements.

There is an age limit for our Nursery service. From the age of one to three years, you may be eligible to send your child. There are no planned activities, and this facility frequently encourages self-paced play, exploration, and learning. In general, the emphasis is on having fun rather than learning. The advantage is that your child will learn while having fun with his or her teachers and peers. Furthermore, children learn and develop their cognitive and social talents through exploration. Our nursery’s mission is to provide a warm, safe, and enjoyable environment for your kid.

When you need temporary or short-term child care, turn to our casual care service. You may not want to pay for full-time daycare if you have a part-time job or work from home. You may, however, be required to attend an important meeting or run an errand. So, in that situation, you can use this service.

Children Services Features

Provide a safe environment for your youngster to explore new hobbies. Allow Children Services in Shepparton to assist you when you are unable to stay at home with your child. Individuals ranging in age from 6 months to 12 years old are cared for at our child care centre.

Spending the entire day wondering what’s going on at your child’s daycare is a waste of time. All children at our child care centre, regardless of age, are educated and cared for using a specific curriculum. We will provide for your child depending on the areas they need to focus on. While your child is in our child care centre, we’ll keep you informed and call you if any issues or queries arise.

Our staff develops learning experiences and activities based on the developmental requirements and interests of the children enrolled in their programs, using classroom observations and documentation, as well as the expert’s recommended books. Both indoor and outdoor activities are arranged to provide learning opportunities.

A completely fenced playground is located adjacent to the Centre. The playground is inspected daily by personnel and once a year by a third-party inspector to ensure the highest level of safety. To offer an expanded learning experience for all children, the playground is equipped with a variety of riding toys, balls, sand and sand toys, as well as countless extra learning items. Each classroom is provided with a variety of resources and equipment to ensure enriched learning environments. The Centre provides three snacks and lunch during the day. Dieticians assist in the creation of menus to ensure that meals and snacks are nutritious and balanced. Food allergies, and medical and/or religious food restrictions can be discussed with the center’s Supervisor once you’ve enrolled.

Why us?

There are a couple of reasons which make us one of the best Child Care Services in Shepparton.   For instance, our early childhood educators have a Bachelor’s degree or are working toward one, ensuring that your child is enrolled in a high-quality early learning program that will prepare them for school. A play-based learning strategy has been designed to ensure that we produce interested and involved learners who are ready to transfer to the school.

We employ a variety of play-based learning activities to encourage your child to think critically and experiment. Science and technology, arithmetic, language and literacy, music and theatre, and social and emotional development are all activities that can assist your child in learning, exploring, discovering, and negotiating. The centre is equipped with the most up-to-date interactive technology.