For working parents, long daycare services can be a viable option. Children from birth to age 12 can get care and education through these services.

Information on long-term care services

  • Our Long Day Care Services in Melbourne and Shepparton typically run for at least 48 weeks out of the year, Monday through Friday, for at least 10 hours a day.
  • Give care either full- or part-time.
  • There may be before- and after-school care as well as summer care available
  • It is possible to offer a kindergarten curriculum that has been approved and taught by an early childhood educator.


Depending on their age and developmental stage, children can be grouped together.

Our Services must adhere to a number of legal criteria, including those pertaining to the physical environment (such as area, facilities, and equipment) and staffing, including minimum educator-to-child proportions.

Quality benchmarks and evaluations

Long-term care facilities are rated online based on a set of national quality requirements. Your decision-making process is aided by the quality rating.

The Long Day Care programme, commonly referred to as child care, offers play-based learning activities that are tailored to each child’s unique needs, interests, and background.

Long Day Care Services in Melbourne and Shepparton leadership team offers professional development and mentoring initiatives to help our skilled educators advance in their positions. We recognise the value of staff continuity and creating a welcoming environment to accommodate our returning families and all siblings in their educational journeys because we are located in culturally diverse and developed neighbourhoods.

The best way to attain learning goals, in the opinion of our educators, is through collaboration. We are dedicated to establishing a solid and sincere rapport with families, which paves the way for a better investigation of the learning potential in routine activities.

Enhance Cognitive abilities:

We take a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning, putting as much emphasis on the cognitive abilities of the students as Long Day Care Services in Melbourne and Shepparton do on their physical, personal, social, emotional, and spiritual welfare. We have developed supplementary programmes about Indigenous and Cultural perspectives, sustainability, living a healthy lifestyle, connecting with nature, and respecting the environment while concentrating on achieving the required learning outcomes because we recognise that children learn in an interconnected manner.

Access to high-quality education and care for all Our commitment to the families we serve makes us a community within a community. Because we firmly think that every child deserves the chance to learn, flourish, and reach their full potential.

Our Commitment includes:

  • We provide a preschool programme and longer hours.
  • We are open on school holidays and don’t charge on public holidays.
  • Since we are not for profit, every dollar spent on our service is put back into it.
  • We value inclusivity and diversity and welcome kids with special needs from all cultures, backgrounds, and religions.
  • Our service is a reflection of the distinctive community’s requirements and personality.
  • The Child Care Subsidy is available for use with our service.

Young children: a safe, caring, and reassuring environment

Our service is ingrained with child care.

We appreciate your confidence in our ability to care for your kid, and we are committed to making sure they experience safety, solace, and nurturing while they are with us.

Through playing, singing, touching, and reading, Long Day Care Services in Melbourne and Shepparton help them develop their social and emotional skills as well as their physical and communication abilities. These comforting interactions and routines, along with feeding, resting and changing times, offer significant learning opportunities that establish the groundwork for their continuous cognitive and individual growth, well-being, and future success. Encouraging their thirst for knowledge

Your child’s interest in learning and curiosity.

We take a loving, all-encompassing approach to teaching your kid the learning skills that will prepare them for the future. Our engaging and enjoyable programmes lay the fundamental building blocks for the growth of emotional intelligence, character, and cognitive processes—qualities that will allow your child to enter primary school with assurance.

Our team: driven, motivating, and considerate

Your youngster will feel motivated and valued by our qualified team.

Our qualified educators are enthusiastic about early learning and create a spirit of engagement and inspiration. We adapt your child’s learning experience with stimuli relevant to their interests, abilities, ideas, personality, and preferences because we consider every child as an individual.

Each service employs diploma-qualified educators and at least one Early Childhood teacher, all of whom participate in ongoing professional development.