Child care means supervising or looking after children ages two weeks to twelve years. Parents hire someone or drop their children to somewhere for taking care of their child for some time or a day.

For this purpose, many childcare centers are established, where working parents drop their children to look after in their absence. 

Parents registered their infants and toddlers in the child care centers established explicitly for the development of children. The early years of every child are significant for their nourishment and development. 

Childcare or Day care centers provide a friendly environment for all children. Child care centers to care for children ages from two weeks to 12 years. In these centers, every child’s family background, religion, and culture are focused on. 

An infant or toddler has more ability to understand his environment through his senses than adolescence. 

The classrooms in the daycare centers are organized according to the infant’s and toddlers’ needs. The infants learn about their world through their senses so their classrooms are also organized according to it. 

These child care centers have entirely focused on every child’s motor skills and personality development. They develop skills that help children to move in society or outside of school like communication, emotional and social skills. They also create Pre-literacy and mathematical concepts in children.

Daycare or Child care centers provide different services parents visit the nearby childcare centers and look down on the environment of the center and the behavior of staff with other children and also the services they provide. Parents are more likely to register their children where they meet their concerns. 

Services of Child Care

Three types of services are provided by childcare centers.

  • Full-Time Care
  • Part-Time Care 
  • Long Day Care

Full-Time Care

The full-time care schedule is 9:00 to 5:00. It is provided to those children who are not eligible for grade one or above, in other words, this care is provided to preschoolers or toddlers. 

In fill-time care, children learn pre-literacy and mathematical skills through different activities. They focused on their sensory and motor skills. They polish their communication skills and teach them how to move and live in society. 

Part-Time Care

Part-time care schedules half of a day or less than daytime care or an irregular schedule. This service is provided for the parents who drop in their child in daycare to look after for some time. 

Part-time care refers to unscheduled care for toddlers and children under five in case of an emergency meeting, or sudden incidents. Working parents have sometimes unscheduled meetings or workloads so they want anyone who takes care of their children for a few hours or less than a day.

According to DHS part-time care means looking after children for four hours. They consider in part-time care the childcare hours are only three hours and fifty-nine minutes(3 hours 59 minutes), no more than it.

Long Day Care

Long Daycare is also called a daycare center where childcare is provided by professional staff where toddlers and children growing up to school-going age have cared for.

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Day Care centers serve young children, ages started from 18 months old to toddlers up to age three. It serves children usually for eight hours a day and forty-eight weeks a year. 

The daycare center is established to take care of children in groups by qualified educators. These centers designed age-appropriate curriculums for children. They are placed in age-based classrooms and have learning activities and play too. 

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